Do Catholics Worship Mary?


Nicole Moore

The decade of the rosary offers our prayers to God and honors mother Mary.

As the end of the Month of the Rosary is approaching, it’s vital to know the truth about its role in the Catholic faith. A common myth many Christian’s and nonbelievers hold is: Catholics worship Mary and Saints. Such misconceptions are used as a way to downplay Catholicism. But what significance does the Rosary truly hold? Today we will discuss the truth behind such myths.

While the introduction of the rosary is not fully known, it is presumed to have been in 1214 after St. Dominic experienced a vision of Mary. Praying the rosary is much more than just a prayer. Through it we see our destiny in and with God within Mary’s example. The purpose of praying the rosary as a Catholic is to learn about the lives of Jesus and Mary in each decade. Each bead has a significance as they help us keep track of the different prayers we are saying. Interestingly, the word “bead” is derived from the Saxon word “bede” which means prayer. Containing a crucifix, one large bead, three small beads, one more large bead, and 10 smaller beads, the five decades are formed.

Because the prayers of the rosary are dedicated to Mary, people have misconceived that as a form of worship to her. But rather, it’s an honoring of the mother of Jesus. We do not pray to Mary as if she’s a god, praying to her is done so through praising God for the miraculous things He did through her on earth. We can ask Mary to pray for us, just as we can with saints, and with friends here on earth. When praying to Mary, saints, and statues of the church, we are asking for their intercession, as they hold a spot in Heaven with God. A place we are all working to get to.

When praying a rosary, we can dedicate it to requests we have for God, thanksgiving, someone who is sick or struggling, the protection of a life, or whatever you need. Doing so can calm our hearts from whatever worries and anxieties we have in our own lives, the community, and the world as Pope Francis once said, “Mary always brings us to Jesus. She is a woman of faith, a true believer.” Without Mary, we would be without Jesus, and without Jesus we would be without faith, honoring her is essential to living out your Catholic faith to its best potential. If you’re interested in praying the rosary, join Ms Lonergan and the rosary club in the chapel at lunch every Tuesday!