Power of Our Mind, Our Faith, and It’s Relation To Success


Natasha Connell

The mind is extremely powerful and people tend to underestimate their abilities to reset their thinking and start making long term goals a reality. The first step towards shifting your mindset is understanding it!

Have you ever felt that everything in your life was going as planned yet there was still a layer of unknown fear, sadness, anger, or dissatisfaction coated over your emotions? If so, take a moment to dive deeper into why you may feel like that right now, right here.

It’s not a secret that people hold extra pressure on themselves to look appealing, be more successful than the average person, and uphold a “perfect” image for everyone. However, after spending time reading Maxwell Maltz book Psycho Cybernetics,  it is apparent that the real issue is the fact that people spend so much time trying to find ease in perfecting their outer image compared to shaping their inner one, which is the powerful mind.


Maltz was an American cosmetic surgeon who found a pattern in his patients. He noticed after people came in to get a nose job or lip filler (ect..) they felt no different compared to before their desired surgery. His system of thoughts brought him towards the conclusion that building up self-image (that internal voice that is hard on yourself), as well as imagining yourself as successful as you want to be a little bit everyday has the power to change your mind into believing you are successful, therefore, achieving it. 


Maltz uses his book to convince people how powerful their mind is. “ Maltz talks about how there was a guy who grew up not liking some of his features, for example his nose, so his mind convinced him whenever he walked into a room and people were laughing, they were laughing at him. Our own mind can get in the way of our powerful self image even. It is important to redirect it, ” said Pro-Athletic Trainer Nghia. 


Another example, expressed on “Your World Within” Podcast created by Eddie Pinero discusses a prime example on our outlook of things. He talked about how when he was younger and got in trouble he would be sent to his room. While he was in his room, he would be angry or not want to be there. Once he was released from his punishment he mentioned how he would go outside to play basketball, but then would return right back to his room. This time, however, he was in a different state of mind, ultimately enjoying himself with his toys. He further concludes that both times he was in his room, it did not change physically to make it more appealing the second time. However, the context of the situation is what skewed his outlook on it all. 


Learning how to rewire your thinking is life changing, but how does it relate to religion? Maltz mentioned that “ such a creator would not deliberately engineer his product to fail, the chief purpose and reason for living is to “Glorify God”and “express themselves fully.”


Finding time for meditation and prayer is extremely important. Learning to trust your path and process allows for comfort, which can be found in our relationship with God. Mr. Wenclewicz, a cathedral math teacher, implements religion into his everyday life in a fascinating manner. As one of his students, we start every class with a prayer and he provides a reflection. His wholesome relationship with God is a perfect example on how we can weave it into our daily lives. 


He said “ I’ve always loved the idea of being productive while people are not. So, there are two ways to do that which is either get up really early, or stay up really late. So I prefer to pray really late.” 


Although, we may get a jet of motivation that lingers for a few days before we are back to square one, Wenclewicz emphasizes that “if you are looking to make a habit whether it is spiritual or not is just doing something you know you can do.” 


Once you can learn to reroute your mind by incorporating Maltz’s concepts as well as using your faith to climb up the massive ladder of obstacles, called life, then you can reset your mindset and start on your successes journey. 


Maltz even says, it is not best to tell yourself what you want to become, but live that role and convince yourself you already are what you want to be, which ultimately leads to it becoming a reality.