Gas prices, is it because we live in Bidens America or a natural progression of us running out of oil?



The Green New Deal called for increased investment in alternative energy and infrastructure and aimed to create nearly 30 million jobs. Many Republicans voted against this bill because it was “to radical”. Now we are all facing the problem of high gas prices, because we are to dependent on oil and not on alternative energy sources

As gas prices rise and rise, it is easy to pass along blame and find the one responsible, but are we pointing fingers at the wrong person? 

It is easy to blame the president for the prices of things but can republicans put all the blame on Biden when they are the ones that vote against bills that call for increased alternative energy solutions.

The reason for the high gas prices and high prices in general is all supply and demand. If there is less of a product and a lot of people want it, the value of the product goes up and therefore the cost. 

Although many republicans blame Biden for the rising gas prices, with the sanctions on Russia and the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline, the reality is that the rising of gas prices is primarily because of COVID and it’s disruptions to global supply and demand. 

Because the quarantine caused people to drive less, the need for gas lowered and same with the price. As we inch out of the pandemic, the need for gas has risen and due to the fact that there is a worldwide oil shortage, it makes sense that the cost of gas has risen.

Do I like that gas has risen? No but do I want to blame the president when he has no control over how supply and demand works? Also no. We need to learn how the economy works before we blame others for something that they cannot control.