Buried in Ignorance


Sharon McCutcheon

More students are having to take out money for loans to pay for college and leaving them in debt. CCHS should require finance classes in their curriculum so students can have knowledge on this matter.

It’s possible that the smallest loan can completely change a college student’s life after graduation. They may not know how to properly finance themselves, the best way to pay their loans and where to move forward with their life. The simplest solution is to learn about personal finance, especially in high school. 

Only 24 states currently require for their high school students to take a finance course in order to graduate. Many high schools outside of the 24 state requirement offer personal finance as a course but don’t require it for graduation credit. Without pressure from state laws, if something will not be tested then it will not be worth teaching. 

Cathedral Catholic High School does offer personal finance courses for students to take their senior year, but sadly they have not made it a requirement.

There is nothing more to understand about the course, and if anyone would refuse to educate themselves for their future is digging themselves into a deep hole. It acts as a math course requirement, and students would also benefit from knowledge of when to take out loans, how to invest and the best financial options before and after college. 

It seems irrational not to start better money management at early ages, especially right before college when most kids are hearing off on their own. The same kids who may be paying for their education with their own money. 

Money is not the only issue. Entering college without knowledge of how to do laundry, cook basic meals or keep your living space clean accompanies the already hectic life after school. It feels like having the basic knowledge to make some eggs, or even folding clothes is bound to lead to a messy life. Simple tasks that take 30 seconds will turn into a mountain to climb for some young adults. 

Even if there weren’t enough teachers to go around for the courses to be a requirement, there needs to be a substantial effort being made. Nothing but positives would come from a requirement such as finance courses. It’s another step to pushing more generations forward and sooner without having to worry about life being too expensive. Having the knowledge of what a good investment or helpful loan will drastically change life after high school.