[Column] Celebrating Diversity at CCHS


RAFT Student Group

The RAFT student group from the 2020-2021 school year created a video focusing on being an upstander, not a bystander. This video was shown to the entire student body as a means of encouraging one another to celebrate our differences. Pictured from left to right are Mohar Apte, Viviana Morales, Ryan Oliveira, Malachi Williams, Ava Thuresson, Zoe Lee Greenblatt.

Neve Walker, Editor in Chief The

In San Diego, high schools have participated in race related misconduct, from the tortilla incident with Coronado High School to our very own misdeed here at Cathedral Catholic High School. It is important now more than ever to learn from our mistakes and grow from them.

Celebrating diversity is an important part of a community, whether it is a school or a neighborhood. Cathedral is no different when it comes to the need for recognizing and celebrating diversity.

At CCHS, we are stepping up as faculty and students to not ignore our diversity, but embrace it. New principal Marlena Conroy believes that we should always look to improve, and celebrating diversity is no different.

“One of the things I’m going to be looking at this year is how we have done it and how we can do it and always improve,” Saids Conroy.

As students, we are constantly learning, but Conroy argues that adults on campus are also learning about how we can become better, more compassionate people.

“Everyone is always growing and as students on this campus are growing, as adults we are learning more,” Said Conroy

After growing up in poverty, Conroy believes that everyone should be able to attend Cathedral, regardless of socioeconomic status. 

“It gives me better empathy, especially when I work at a school that comes with a tuition,” Said Conroy

The new president of Cathedral, Dr. Calkins, believes in celebrating our individuality, regardless of our race, ethnicity, gender, or cultural background. 

“I think that everyone who comes into this school should be seen, we are not a monolith, not only one [type of] person comes to this school,” said Calkins. 

After conducting many surveys, internal and external, Calkins discovered the need to celebrate everyone’s cultures on campus, which he then started cultural week, where different cultures get highlighted everyday for a week. He discovered during this week that celebrating diversity can have many positive impacts for the students of CCHS, including having fun.

“That’s the gift in celebrating cultures is you realize this is really cool,” Said Calkins.

With all the different cultures and faces at Cathedral it is important to focus on our differences and our diversity. With this column, our goal is to showcase our many different cultures, and embrace who we are