Social media PRO: Making success accessible to all…social media.

Joe Baini, Staff Writer

As people in our society move around, social media plays an important role in allowing people to connect with others no matter the distance. In fact, social media has become so popular that eighty one percent of teenagers use at least one type of social network.

At Cathedral Catholic High School, students love their iPads because they allow students to collaborate on group projects and ideas. Without social media, interactions would happen less, news would take longer to spread, and connections would be harder to maintain.

In fact, according to BBC’s study on social media, 28% of people rely on social media for news updates on issues ranging from the presidential elections, to climate change, to wars happening around our world.

While some people argue that social media takes over peoples’ lives and in-person conversations, others say that it allows people to connect when they are no longer together. Because people move a lot nowadays: from high school to college, from birth country to a new country, from city to another for a job opportunity, social media is vital in order to allow people to stay in touch no matter the distance.

“My favorite social media is Facebook, I love it. I think it’s really practical especially because when I moved here from England I was worried that I would lose touch with my friends back home. Facebook has allowed me to keep in contact with my friends and chat with them,” Ryan Chessum ‘16 said.

As the time for college is coming faster than expected for most seniors, many students will rely on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay connected to their classmates. Social media is practical because it allows people to upload pictures, statuses, and videos.

People tend to express their style, opinions, and ideas on social media. Fashion bloggers can reach out to their followers through Instagram, and presidential candidates often do so through Twitter.

The potential for success is far greater than ever before, thanks to social media. Ted Williams, once a homeless person begging for money on a street corner in Columbus, Ohio, has a talent of a “golden voice.” Soon after his voice went viral on Facebook, he found work with the Cleveland Cavalier’s as a radio host. His living costs are covered by the two-year contract. Social media has given these types of opportunities to many people.

Whether the topic is politics, sports, or the weather; people can express themselves freely through social media. Social media is a voice to many who are voiceless.

“I love Instagram. I get to upload pictures of myself and it allows me to express myself freely,” Madison Holland ‘16 said.

While social media sites are increasing in number, our society is becoming increasingly more informed of the world around us because of it. Social media is a way to connect people worldwide, and it is an important pillar to individuality and creativity.

Through social media, people can exchange words of wisdom, encourage each other, and update each other regarding major life moments. With urbanization on the rise, social media allows people to not forget each other once they physically stop seeing each other.

It is important to have a strong networking base to rely on when needed. Social media has changed the way our world communicates for the better.