Letter to the Editor – A look inside Cathedral’s Associated Student Body

(10th grade yearbook photo)

Katie Altobello, Retiring ASB President

Dear Editor:

Many around campus wonder what exactly ASB does. To be honest, most people on campus don’t know that ASB is a leadership course with homework and quizzes! In addition, they may also not know that ASB is the force behind most of the posters, announcements, and events that they see, hear, and attend.

I’d like to shed light on the subject.

Like all things, ASB does have some downsides. We [ASBers] work very hard behind the scenes to get students what they want, make teachers happy, and follow the rules of the administration. We are not perfect, and four of our ASB members have had to be removed from ASB this year alone. However, because of this, it is safe to say that we are held to very high expectations, academically and personally. We are also challenged to learn how to work in a team environment where everyones’ voices need to be heard.

Inside the ASB room you can bet there is some drama, some tears, and definitely some frustration. We are also no strangers to disappointment–disappointment from our fellow students when they do not participate in activities or show enthusiasm at rallies, and from our administration when they turn us down some of the ideas that we may have. However, everything that we go through, and everything that might seem like a problem, is actually a challenge that we just learn to overcome. And after overcoming challenges, we become even stronger and better than before.

ASB is the best organization on our campus. But that is my own opinion, of course. ASB has been the foreground for my own desire to work within the federal government. I have learned how to effectively lead, communicate, delegate, and of course, plan and execute. ASB is like a family–we have all grown and worked hard , and we all love one another.

All the work that we’ve put into ASB has enabled us to get respect from peers and those around us. ASB has helped us all learn how to be better leaders, friends, and stewards. It has been the perfect way for us to make a difference in our community. ASB has allowed us all to plan events, promote school spirit, and have our voices heard. Our work inside ASB makes a difference, and I encourage others to join and experience this truly unique and amazing organization.

ASB is not for the weak minded or those who want something to put on a resume. ASB is neither a pass/fail class, nor is it merely a class that just goes on during school hours. ASB is for the leaders on campus who genuinely have passion for those around them. It is an organization that fights for the students and works for the administration day and night. ASB is a group of student leaders who strive to unite Cathedral Catholic and better our community.

Senior Katie Altobello

ASB President (2009-2010)