El Cid 6/6/05 – Last Uni El Cid – A Sentimental End to a Great School


Mitch Sigesmund, Staff Writer

The day had finally come. It was June 15, 2005 ,the final day on the University of San Diego High School Campus. The seniors had participated in the Baccalaureate ceremony, and the other students had the next year at a new campus to look forward to. The campus that had been founded in 1956 did not go out without a bang though, the dance team did a riveting final performance for the school. This was coupled with ASB’s final action at Uni, giving power back to the students. ASB President Patrick Meissner said, “We have taken the role of party planners; it’s time we get back to the original purpose.” The transition was coming. The seniors of 2006 would be coming to Cathedral Catholic High School, a new campus and a new start. The skepticism of most students can be summed up with this: “Next year is only as good as we make it; we need to embrace the changes.”

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