The Winter Olympics are here.. But so is COVID


Xang Qin

Even though the Olympics are mostly viewed from home in 2022; people all around Beijing are preparing and decorating for the games.

The Winter Olympics are the time when people all around the world gather to watch elite athletes compete and hopefully win the gold for their country. This major event that happens every four year brings the world together whether at home or in the stadium. 

Although with the rising cases of the omicron virus in Beijing many people are becoming more apprehensive day by day. New rules are being put in place the event that is known to bring the world together is no longer the same. 

Not only will these strict rules affect the athletes but now the only fans allowed at the Olympics games are select groups and tickets are no longer being sold to the general public. Building off of that fans in the stadium will no longer be able to shout and instead are only allowed to clap. 

Along with that employees are not to leave the Olympic venues for the duration of the Olympics, not even to see their families. 

On the other hand the athletes are the ones who are most affected. Without vaccination athletes are required to strictly quarantine for 21 days. Although all athletes on the U.S Olympic team are vaccinated, they are still required to produce two negative COVID tests within 96 hours before making the flight to Beijing. 

Although COVID still surrounds society everyday, the Olympics have persevered through the pandemic to put on a different yet still amazing 2022 Winter Olympics taking place in Beijing.