CAs Mask Mandate


Mika Baumeister

Walking into a grocery store just to walk out because you left your mask in your car, is this mask mandate really worth it if all you do is rile up vaccinated citizens?

Like everywhere else in California, it is now required to wear masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status.

The California Department of Public Health announced on Monday the requirement, after reporting a 47 percent increase in COVID 19 cases across California since Thanksgiving.

According to a San Diego Country’s report, 8.3 fully vaccinated citizens per 100,000 residents and 24.8 for not fully vaccinated citizens.

The new mask mandate is enforced in schools, public transit, healthcare facilities, and emergency shelters, along with other indoor areas.

Although there is a new variant running rampant, Omicron, state officials blame this new spike on Thanksgiving gatherings.

Per this mandate, “mega-events”, events with 1,000 people or more, require a negative COVID test within 72 hours of the event.

Along with these new rules, state officials also recommend people travel into California be tested within three to five days.