Mass is Back…Sort Of


Screenshot by Maisyn Clements

CCHS is making it’s first steps towards community mass since covid. The calendar for November has mass for the 18 and 19 scheduled.

Covid 19 has ruined most, if not all, experiences and opportunities at Cathedral Catholic High School. Several dances, games, and musicals were missed. Among these events was the most vital: mass.

Being a Catholic school, CCHS values Catholic celebrations such as mass and the sacraments. Therefore eliminating these events from the school year has made a detrimental impact on daily life.

Member of Campus Ministry at CCHS, junior Mackenna Diltz explains, “The faith is lacking compared to how it was freshman year.”

Students, because of this lost time of mass and celebration, may have forgotten how important having faith is while living daily life. However, mass has not come to a screeching halt for no reason. 

Covid has interfered with so many chances to express the Catholic faith and grow closer to God. In order to keep students safe and healthy, putting community masses on pause was the best decision.

Continuing through the year without mass, mission and ministry had to come up with a plan in order to renew students’ faith.

Stacy Wells, head of mission administration, states, “For community mass, students will attend mass with their religion class.”

This plan allows students to keep pursuing their faith while avoiding the risk of catching Covid. This plan made by mission administration was also worked on, approved, and encouraged by Bishop McElroy.

Wells says as she informs us about the exciting update to the mass schedule, 

“Bishop McElroy encouraged CCHS to have a mass as a community to support our Catholic identity and the faith of our students and employees.” 

Starting in a few months, students, as well as staff, will be able to return back to the community mass schedule. However while covid was at its peak, students had to find a way to keep their faith alive.

Mackenna Diltz says, “Last year there were online masses so it was pretty simple to just watch and listen to those.” 

Obviously, CCHS continues to do everything in their power in order to bring mass back. It will take small steps to get back to where community mass started, although this new mass schedule is the safest and best way to accomplish all goals at once.