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Alexander Nicholas, Staff Writer

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Chicken tenders may seem like something adolescents order off a children’s menu, but to Cathedral Catholic High School students, they serve as a school lunch main course.

“I think you won’t find a better price for piping hot chicken tendies,” student cafeteria worker Noah Lindsey ’17 said.

This assessment seems true because at Chick-fil-a, a popular fast food chain that serves an assortment of chicken products, three small chicken tenders cost $3.99 plus tax, according to

For $4, CCHS students enjoy three large-sized chicken tenders from the CCHS cafeteria at lunch.  While some students think the cost of tenders at CCHS is pricey, most realize  they are cheaper than area restaurants.

“The price for chicken tenders may seem steep, but the quality of food combined with our specials beats out any restaurant joint,” Lindsey said.

The prices seem equivalent, albeit, at Chick-fil-a the tax still needs to be paid on the chicken tenders, which makes the CCHS cafeteria food less expensive.

In terms of quality,  CCHS cafeteria chicken tenders are medium in size, even large sometimes. At Chick-fil-a, the tenders are marinated spices and fried in a peanut oil, which adds flavor to the chicken.

“Our specials are a very good deal,” Lindsay said. “Most are a steal at their price.” 

Comparative pricing reveals this assessment as true since CCHS students can purchase chicken tenders with fries for $5.50, which is also nearly equivalent to Chick-fil-a’s price at $5.54 for this special plus tax.

The prices are nearly equivalent at Chick-Fil-A and the school cafeteria, which makes it all about personal preference.

“I don’t like going to Chick-Fil-A because it is fast food, and it basically tastes like any other fast food chain like Popeyes or something else,” CCHS student Sebastian Vignau ’17 said.

CCS students love the chicken tenders so much that the cafeteria runs empty almost every lunch. 

“Working at the cafeteria is easy, but the most challenging thing is looking for more chicken tenders because almost every lunch, we run out of the chicken tenders,” Lindsey said. “I can say without a doubt that the students are receiving the best tasting food for the best possible price.”

So, since CCHS tenders are affordable and are just like “homemade,” Lindsey said he even dreams of the chicken tenders because they are “scrumptious” and “piping hot.”

“Also, have you seen the size of those brownies?” Lindsey ’17 said.

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