El Cid recognizes Cole Parsons as November Writer of the Month


Editor-in-Chief Celine Aubry-Dumand and Managing Editor Sarah Scherer recognize Cole Parsons as El Cid’s November Writer of the Month.

Joe Baini, Staff Writer

El Cid journalist Cole Parsons recently garnered the November Writer of the Month Award, which is given once a month to student journalists who excel in their writing. 

“This award validates all of my hard work and shows that I am a large impact to the El Cid newspaper,” El Cid photo editor and staff writer Cole Parsons ‘16 said.

While Parsons writes different types of stories, his favorite is the editorial, which allow him to share his perspective about local, national and international events.

“Cole is a great addition to the El Cid team, especially because he is always there to help me out,” Staff Writer Sydney Calhoun ‘17 said. “He really knows a lot about technology and tries his best to make our school newspaper more interesting.”

Students, who like Parsons share a love for writing or are simply interested in joining journalism next year for the experience, can expect a lot of improvements in their communication and writing skills  since they are key to developing a strong story.

Aspiring journalists and writers are encouraged to visit AH 207 if they are interested in joining the El Cid staff as a freelance writer this year, Parsons said. In addition, students can become published writers by enrolling for Journalism class next school year.