Student election yields new officers, determined goal to “unite” class


From left to right: Kate Garofalo (President), Nicole Alldredge (Vice President), Kate Petosa (Secretary), Annalise Castro (Class Historian)

Chad Dea , Staff Writer

After a lengthy election process during the week before Easter Break, the results were announced that Kate Garofalo, Nicole Alldredge, Kate Petosa, and Annalise Castro became the new Junior Class officers. Kate Garofalo, who had previously served as the Freshman and Sophomore class President, was once more elected as the Junior class President, while Kate Petosa, who has also served two years, was elected Secretary. Nicole, new to ASB, was elected Vice President, while Annalise, also new to ASB, will become the Class Historian.

Kate Garofalo, as the new President, is determined to represent her class with great enthusiasm. She said the new ASB representatives “plan to try to unite our class in order to bring more spirit and enthusiasm for the school.” As Vice President, but with no previous experience, Nicole wants to help by bringing a positive attitude to the school. “I always have an upbeat and bubbly attitude, so hopefully I will be able to carry on that presence as Vice President,” she said. Nicole understands that the role of her position is to “aid to the President so we can work together to make it a fun year for everyone.” She also said during her campaigning, “I saw how disconnected our grade is.” Nicole promised that “through class events, I will bring the grade closer together as a family,” she said.

Elected as the Class of 2017’s Secretary, Kate Petosa is ecstatic about having the opportunity to serve the class for her third year in a row. With her ASB occupations dating back to middle school, Kate has had plenty of experience in improving her class’ involvement in school activities. Besides focusing on improving her class’ engagement, Kate said, “I am most excited about planning Prom.” She added and said, “I promise to always work hard and put in the extra mile in order to plan successful events for everyone to enjoy.”

Lastly, Annalise will be the Class Historian. After previously witnessing ASB’s school spirit, Annalise was inspired and decided to run for the position of Class Historian to which she was unopposed. On her new responsibilities, she said that she plans to “coordinate activities with all the other groups on campus to make sure our class events are well publicized.” She also plans to work hard for her class and make the experience memorable for them. “I promise to listen to any ideas our class has and will try my best to incorporate them,” Annalise said.

As their sophomore year closes and another year begins, another group of newly elected officers will soon join ASB. The ASB moderator Miss Christine Lagrimas, only wants the best for her students next year. She holds the girls to the highest of standards, and expects that each one of the girls will bring an outstanding performance to their new positions because as she said, “each officer is driven and enthusiastic about what they do.”