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CCHS begins Lenten Drive to benefit Catholic schools

Lia Generales, Staff Writer

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Cathedral is carrying out its annual Lenten Drive.  This year’s funds raised will go toward supporting four local Catholic schools – Holy Family, Our Lady’s School, Our Lady of Sacred Heart, and St. Rita’s.

These private schools are located in impoverished neighborhoods and have become a haven for many of their students.  The schools have financial struggles, and the money that Cathedral raises can help provide their students with supplies like paper, pens, art, markers, crayons, sports equipment, scholarships, textbooks, and much more.

These schools were chosen because next year’s sophomore Light Groups will serve them in the same way this year’s freshman Light Groups serve at St. Vincent de Paul.

The Gold 5 Campus Ministry has been busy running the drive.  The students in this class have gone to the schools, taken tours, and helped in the classroom.  Then, they made the video that was presented in all Gold 5 classes on Ash Wednesday.

The students also crafted a paper thermometer in the library to keep track of the money raised.  The Campus Ministry students have been collecting fund containers from classrooms throughout Lent, and they will take the money to each school when the drive is over.

Students can help by donating in their Gold 5 classes.  The Cathedral Catholic community has set a goal of $14,000.  There have already been two collections.

The first collection was on March 1st, and the school kicked off the drive donating $1,812.65.  The second collection was on March 13th and students added $2,699.88 to the fund.

Students have two more chances, March 29th and April 4th, to raise $9, 487.47 and reach the goal.  If each student brings 10 cents to one of the collections, the school would surpass its goal.

Ms.Dawn Brannman, director of Christian services and history of Christianity teacher at Cathedral, said, “Students should participate in the Lenten drive for several reasons.  Helping those in need is a call of the Gospel. Students should also give because these schools are in great need.  Most of the students came from incredibly poor families, and it is a huge sacrifice to send them to Catholic schools.  Most families cannot pay tuition, so the schools do not receive all of the money that they need.  These neighborhoods need Catholic schools.  The Catholic schools are able to educate these students in a safe environment, which is extremely important.”

Many of the Gold 5 classes have set class goals to reach over the course of the drive.  Most of the goals are between $300 and $500 dollars.  There are two classes that have really set the bar high.  An upper-level, mixed math class has given over $400, and a freshman class has donated almost $300.

Ms. Brannman said, “CCHS students should give because it is the Dons’ way to do things.  We have been blessed abundantly, and it is our mission to help others.”

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The School Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School
CCHS begins Lenten Drive to benefit Catholic schools