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“New” Cultural Awareness Week

Marissa Atkins, Staff Writer

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With many in the Cathedral Catholic student body still missing winter carnival, some are wondering what will fill its place. The new annual Cultural Awareness week kicks oToday, January 18th and will last till Friday January 21st. The event is strategically placed between Martin Luther King Day and the school-wide Peace and Justice liturgy.

The event is not actually replacing the winter carnival; CCHS has had a cultural awareness week every year. Some students feel disappointed about the cancellation of winter carnival but hopeful about the newly improved cultural awareness week.

I definitely missed the winter carnival this year because I really enjoyed it, but I also know that a lot of the clubs are working really hard to make cultural awareness week a great experience for the students, so I’m looking forward to it and willing to give it a chance,” said junior Cristina Cabrera.

At Uni, there was a big push for making cultural awareness week a more important and permanent school event, and in past years, at CCHS, the event has been marked by morning prayer being read in a different language every day. However, this year, ASB is taking the festivities to a whole new level.

ASB head Ms. Tysor and the ASB students worked to extend lunch by ten minutes and to offer a spirit dress option to students. The extended lunch is needed because of the activities that will be held during lunch everyday on the grassy knoll. Each day there will be a celebration for a different continent: Europe, Africa, Asia, and North and South America. Culture week will now include lunchtime activities, spirit dress, and ethnic food.

The events kicked off Today with North and South America day. On this day, the prayer was read in Spanish, there will be, and the lunchtime activity included Mexican food and salsa lessons.

Wednesday will be Europe day. That day, the prayer will be said in French and the food on the knoll will most likely be provided by the Italian club.

Thursday will be Asia day. On that day, there will be food on the knoll provided by the Pan Asian Club, and the activity might be sumo wrestling, a game many students may remember from previous carnivals.

Friday will be Africa day. There will be African drum playing on the knoll and maybe even a performance by the dance team.

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“New” Cultural Awareness Week