CCHS goes for gold

Jenna Crowley, Spiritual Life Editor

The winter rally, arranged by the Cathedral Catholic High School Associated Student Body, will occur today in the Claver Center, featuring an Olympics theme with recognition for winter sports, dance and cheer team performances, games for students, and the annual options versus staff basketball game.

“We have moved the rally to be separate from the dance this year, so that is one of the ways we are trying to focus on the spirit of the school and the sports, versus tying it to a dance theme,” Director of ASB Mrs. Sara Rhodes said.

The gathering will honor sports captains and include the “Our House” chant, while ASB will also recognize athletic trainers and Dons alumni. 

“Each of the classes is in an Olympic color of the five rings, and the staff are also a color,” Mrs. Rhodes said. “And then the way we’re going to open the rally is the alumni of [University of San Diego High School] and [CCHS] who are on staff here are going to march in with their year on a banner, just to honor that we come from this long, great heritage of Dons.”

The winter rally also emphasizes CCHS coming together as a unified student body, rather than feeling a need to compete based on grade level or superiority, Mrs. Rhodes said. 

“We’re all united,” Mrs. Rhodes said. “We’re not against each other, and so we’re just trying to minimize it [the rally] being a negative environment. We just want it to be really positive.”