Emergency drills revised

Sara Vechinski, Social Media Editor

In order to better prepare students and staff in the event of an emergency, Cathedral Catholic High School administration recently instituted new lunch and break emergency drills and emergency training sessions for teachers and faculty. 

“Mr. Terzoli and I sat down and looked at the drills and asked ‘how can we be more intentional about preparing the students?’” CCHS Dean of Students Mr. Michael Wallace said.

While the drills are already in the school calendar, students can expect the first drill on Nov. 12, when they will receive a 45 minute break, during which the emergency drill will occur. 

“While it’s rare to have a true emergency,” Mr. Wallace said, “it’s the time you should be most prepared. So we want to make sure that everyone is prepared because it really can change a person’s life if they are prepared or not prepared in these types of situations.”