Boosting morale

Jenna Crowley, Spiritual Life Editor

Aiming to increase school spirit and unity, the fall rally, organized by the Cathedral Catholic High School Associated Student Body, will take place tomorrow in the Claver Center Gymnasium.

The first rally of the 2019-2020 school year, the fall rally will highlight this season’s sports and will also feature interactive games. 

“Some students will be involved in dodgeball, and Just Dance will be on the screen, so we’re hoping everyone will participate,” Director of ASB Mrs. Sara Rhodes said.

The gathering seeks to bolster student morale on campus, especially in preparation for homecoming on Saturday.

Additionally, the rally will introduce team captains from each fall sport and announce the homecoming court. 

“Through the rally we’re working towards school unity,” Mrs. Rhodes said. “We want to have everyone feeling like a Don.”