Crowning Mary

Lauren McKittrick, Assistant News Editor

Cathedral Catholic High School Rosary Club will host today during lunch a May Crowning ceremony, honoring Mary throughout the month of May by presenting her with a crown of flowers and by praying the Rosary, which specifically praises the Blessed Mother.

“We honor and praise Mary as our heavenly mother, who is someone everyone can go to in both good times and in hard times,” said Mrs. Carmen Lonergan, an educator in the religious studies department and a Rosary Club advisor.

Mrs. Lonergan hopes that by attending this holy ceremony, the participants will inspire others to grow in their faith and recognize the love Mary offers us daily.

Catholics believe that Mary provides everyone with guidance and love, which means that all people should honor her and turn to her at all points in their lifetime, allowing them to grow closer to God.

“[Mary] is our Mother, so she is our greatest advocate to her Son, Jesus,” Mrs. Lonergan said.

Mary’s service and holiness to the living and deceased is recognized at the crowning and shown through the students and teachers’ reverence, faith-filled attitudes, and apparent love for the Blessed Virgin.

“As a Church, we believe that Mary has been crowned ‘Queen of Heaven and Earth,’” Mrs. Lonergan said.