Praising the past, funding the future

Ella Wishchuk, Assistant Spiritual Life Editor

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In the spirit of commemorating University of San Diego High School alumni who have left a positive mark on the Cathedral Catholic High School community, CCHS will host an Academy of Distinguished Dons Dinner on Feb. 22 in the Guadalupe Center.

“This year, we have chosen to honor the 10 alumni priests that have served our community and touched many lives for many years,” CCHS Director of Advancement Mr. Sean Doyle said. “We will also be honoring [CCHS Chaplain] Fr. Michael Ortiz for his years of service to the Dons community as well as our country.”

The nighttime event, its proceeds benefiting the Monsignor Dickie Society Scholarship, will consist of cocktails, dinner, and presentations. The evening costs $100 per ticket.

Approximately 146 CCHS students currently receive full tuition and additional financial support to receive a CCHS education from the Monsignor Dickie Society Scholarship program.

“The Monsignor Dickie Society allows students that would otherwise not be able to receive the wonderful experience that CCHS to offer the chance to be part of this wonderful community,” Mr. Doyle said.

Therefore, the Academy of Distinguished Dons event will simultaneously honor past alumni while funding future CCHS graduates.

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