New digital course registration

Chloe Staples, Photo Editor

With course registration for the 2019-2020 school year underway, Cathedral Catholic High School students will schedule their one-on-one meetings with their counselors through a Google form, as opposed to past methods of scheduling through email.

“This year, we have a Google form that students fill out for their course requests,” CCHS counselor Mrs. Emily Cullen said. “They check off all their classes that they want to take, get it approved by their parents, and submit it through Google. Then, the counselors receive a copy of that.”

Sophomores and juniors now sign up for a one-on-one meetings with their counselors using an appointment website, scheduling a 20-minute meeting with their counselor to discuss their course requests and college plans.

“Depending on how course registration goes and how successful it is, it could be used in the future,” Mrs. Cullen said “[Online scheduling] makes [course registration and counselor meetings] more accessible for students because technology is such a big part of [students] everyday life at school.

“We definitely want to do what’s best for the students. That’s our goal. We want to make it easier for you guys to come see us.”