Powderpuff practices pay off

Daniela Gil, Social Media Editor

Cathedral Catholic High School will hold the second annual powderpuff flag football game Feb. 9 at 7 p.m. to continue a tradition started last year by CCHS history teacher Mr. Mario Fierro.

“Last year, [powderpuff] was a really grassroots thing,” Mr. Fierro said. “It wasn’t very well attended or well participated, but the girls who did it last year did have fun.”

This year, Mr. Fierro changed participation rules, allowing only junior and senior girls to participate. Because of this change, the number of sign ups skyrocketed to approximately 80 girls.

Due to the higher number of participants, Mr. Fierro expects more people to attend and to watch the game. In addition, powderpuff will be promoted on social media.

“We’re going to start promoting the game a lot on Instagram,” Mr. Fierro said. “We really hope to see more people in the stands this year. I really recommend [attending] for sophomores who are interested in playing their junior year.

“It’s a really fun way to bond with the girls and get to know more people.”