Journalism student honored

Lauren McKittrick, Assistant News Editor

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After working to compose her news story, “Restoration vs. detention,” Cathedral Catholic High School and journalism student Ella Wishchuk ‘21 recently earned a Best of School Newspapers Online award, the first honor the 2018-19 ​El Cid​ staff has received.

“I’m so honored to have won this award, and it feels so amazing for my hard work and time to have payed off,” Wishchuk said.

The Best of SNO award, given to student journalists who exemplify outstanding writing skills, was granted to Wishchuk for her story regarding restorative disciplinary practices at CCHS.

Through this story and the award she received, Wishchuk hopes to inspire other journalists to improve upon their writing prowess and grasp all knowledge presented during the writing process in order to better their overall work.

“My advice to other journalists is to embrace the learning curve,” Wishchuk said. “In journalism class this year I have learned so much, and I can confidently say I have become a more well-rounded writer and student.”

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