Assemble against drugs

Daniela Gil, Social Media Editor

Cathedral Catholic High School students will be attending an assembly today presented by Rocky Herron, a Drug Enforcement Association special agent, as a part of this year’s Red RIbbon Week activities.

“Over the years [Mr. Herron] has seen the greater damage that can be caused by both the sale and use of drugs far beyond 92103,” CCHS Dean of Counseling and Wellness Mrs. Ashley Bascom said.

Mr. Herron has been a DEA special agent since 1990, and he has worked both in San Diego and in the South American country of Bolivia, where massive amounts of cocaine are manufactured.

“It is important for our school to understand that issues with drugs and alcohol are on a larger scale than most believe,” Mrs. Bascom said. “It is important to know that a seemingly small decision made in high school related to drugs and alcohol use can set someone on a negative path and change their life forever.

“The dangers of drugs and alcohol expand beyond one’s four years in high school.”