Fair for the future

Sara Vechinski , Copy Editor

Cathedral Catholic High School will host the college fair in the Claver Center Thurs. from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. to provide students with the opportunity to view a multitude of colleges without extensive travel.

Due to the lack of college fairs in the San Diego Unified School District, CCHS uses its ample resources to provide a college fair for the benefit of the students, counseling office administrative assistant Mrs. Denise Flynn said.

Students must register to attend the event and can do so through a link sent in an email by the counseling team.

CCHS plans to feature 184 colleges, such as Drexel University, Saint Louis University, and University of Notre Dame.

“It’s great because there are a ton of colleges in one place at one time,” Flynn said. “It’s not just a handful of colleges that you may have heard of before.”

Students have a fantastic opportunity to see all the options available to them and to get first-hand information from representatives, Mrs. Flynn said.