Marvelous murals

Sara Vechinski , Copy Editor

A once blank canvas now catches the eyes of all who enter the girls locker room after physical education teacher and girls soccer coach Mrs. Dawn Roberts spent her prep periods over the past month painting an inspirational quote upon the wall.


After finding the message on Facebook, the quote resonated with Mrs. Roberts, and she decided to share it with the Cathedral Catholic High School community, Mrs. Roberts said.


“I know that while in the locker room you hear a lot of things, and I just think it was a good message to share,” Mrs. Roberts said. “We had a wall that was blank, so I said ‘I’m going for it.’”


Mrs. Roberts hopes it will positively impact the CCHS community, even if it only affects one person. Her mission of spreading positivity has already started a new conversation in the locker room as the girls participating in fall sports react positively to the new addition.