CCHS goes neon

Chloe Staples, Photo Editor

The Associated Student Body homecoming dance for Cathedral Catholic High School students will take place today from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the Claver Center. Although past homecoming dances have required formal attire, this year’s glow-in-the-dark theme, announced by ASB last week as “Gloco,” will consist of casual dress.

The new theme is a venture CCHS ASB moderator Mrs. Sara Rhodes hopes will be a thrilling new experience for students.

“I went to a conference that was for all ASB directors throughout all of California,” Mrs. Rhodes said. “One of the breakout sessions that I went to was a local high school advisor who shared how they do a black light dance every homecoming. He explained the set up and what the dance looked like, and it sounded like a lot of fun and different, which is what started that idea.”

The theme is not the only new addition to the homecoming dance this year. CCHS facility staff will embrace a new organization and entrance system for students attending. All students are required to present his or her student identification at the door, where it will then be scanned to allow entry.

In previous years, teachers posted at the entryways of the dance, crossing off student names on pieces of paper after students presented his or her ID. The new system aims to allow faster and more organized entry, while also helping to monitor and ensure student safety.

As for dress code, students are encouraged to come dressed in white or neon-colored clothing. For females, shorts and skirts must extend to the length of their fingertips. Tube tops, spaghetti straps, inappropriate body paint, and flip flops are not allowed.

Mrs. Rhodes and ASB hope students will remain open-minded and embrace the new theme this year.

“We really want people to go all in with white, neon, glow sticks, and glow paint and have so much fun,” Mrs. Rhodes said.