Fresh faces in ASB

Olivia Palombo, Assistant Multimedia Editor

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After freshman elections were held last week, the new cabinet was announced after school last Friday, including Bryce Brock ‘22 as President, Molly Curran ‘22 as Secretary, Thomas Munro ‘22 as Vice President, and Emily Abts ‘22 as Treasurer.

Freshmen officers will participate in events and rallies and get an inside look at the Associated Student Body.

“The freshmen will plan an event for their class later this year and meet with their class moderator,” ASB director Mrs. Sara Rhodes said. “They will be used in each rally since they are not in the class with the sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

The class officers will use this time to interact among their class, and they will eventually decide if they would like to run again the following year or apply for a commissioner position.

“Since elections are held after classes are picked, this is more of a time for exposure,” Mrs. Rhodes said. “But we try to involve the students as much as possible through formal planning and other activities on campus.”

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