Mock trial season on the rise

Katie Dittamore, Assistant Entertainment Editor

The Cathedral Catholic High School mock trial team recently began its new season in order to provide students with an opportunity to learn about the court system and judicial procedures.

“The attorney coaches volunteer their time and effort to help our students with the myriad of elements that go into building a case,” teacher moderator Mr. Danny Collins said. “I can help students here and there, but ultimately it is our attorney coaches who are of the most value.”

The Mock Trial team divides into a prosecution team and defense team, where students present a fictional case before a real judge and jury of scorers in courtrooms at the San Diego County Courthouse. Students appear before the judge as everything from the lawyers, the eyewitnesses, to the courtroom staff.

“Mock trial is the best introduction into law and the legal system that a high school student can get,” Mr. Collins said. “It is a realistic activity where students get to argue a case in front of sitting judges. Students get to work closely with practicing attorneys and learn the ins and outs of building a case.”