Gym renovations complete

Lauren McKittrick, Assistant News Editor

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After three months, the Cathedral Catholic High School Claver Center officially reopened yesterday with various new renovations in attempt to improve the school community.

The renovated gym includes a newly installed floor and bleacher system, both overseen by Director of Athletics Mr. David Smola.

The new reinforced flooring, replaced in order to create a safer environment for student athletes, has more support and a safer surface.

“The old floor was damaged and needed to be fixed, and as we were looking at that, we found that the bleacher system never really worked correctly from the beginning,” Mr. Smola said. “We noticed we had an opportunity to fix both at the same time, so that’s what we decided to do.”

The Claver Claver will be put to use next Tuesday for first school-wide liturgy.

“We noticed the floor was going to become a safety issue, [and now that it’s fixed] the gym is a safer facility,” Mr. Smola said.

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