ASB hosts Senior Overnighter

Katie Dittamore, Assistant Entertainment Editor

The Cathedral Catholic High School Associated Student Body will host the annual Senior Overnighter this Friday in the Guadalupe Theatre as way for the senior class to grow closer together in its last year of high school.

“I have been putting together the Senior Overnighter for six years now,” senior class moderator Mr. Joe Filippone said. “I keep coming back because I love being able to
get to know the senior class a bit better.”

Activities of the event include celebrating Liturgy, dancing with a live DJ, and watching movies and having some sleepless fun before getting picked up Saturday at 6 a.m.

“Students should come to the event because it’s just a lot of fun,” Mr. Filippone said. “It’s a good bonding experience for your last year of high school and a great chance to hang with your friends.”