Student art and literary magazine now available

Angelina Hicks , Copy Editor

El Solthe Cathedral Catholic High School student art and literary magazine, has been printed and is currently for sale on the CCHS website.

The magazine highlights a variety of student artwork and writing, including photography, drawing, painting, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and more.

“Our CCHS El Sol is unique in that it is all student work, whether student submitted work or students pulling the magazine together,” El Sol moderator Mrs. Laurie Allari said. “The students here at Cathedral are so creative and talented. In the last few years, we have added photos of 3D art, and this year we added QR Codes for Rengas, collaborative poetry from Mrs. [Christy] Bailleul’s creative writing students.”

Usually, a senior creates the cover art and an underclassman makes the title page. Although not all work can be accepted, all students can submit any work in hopes of it being featured.

According to Mrs. Allari, students give their time to design the layout using PhotoShop and InDesign with the help of  Mrs. Marianne Goyette,  Mrs. Amanda Packer, Ms. Kristen Brandenberry, Ms. Sara Osmus, and Mrs. Bailleul.

“It’s important to showcase student art on campus in order give credit to talented students and all their hard work,” El Sol editor Luke Meyers ‘20 said. 

The publication costs $10.

“Each year the goal of El Sol is to have more diverse art, as well as to having more students involved in the process and the product,” Ms. Allari said. “It’s exciting to see what the kids produce every year as the VAPA and English courses evolve.

“Of course, students who submit their work are really brave to put themselves out there.”