Universal language of art and music inspires students

The Cathedral Catholic High School community gathered yesterday night to celebrate student art and music in the Academic Center and Guadalupe Theater during the annual CCHS Visual and Performing Arts showcase.

The visual arts showcase featured artwork from approximately 400 CCHS students in the foundations of art, photography, AP art studio, ceramics, drawing and painting, 3D design, and college 2D art classes.

“I am really proud of all of the work in the show,” visual arts teacher Mrs. Amanda Packer Rybicki said. “It is really impressive to see how much the art students this year have grown in their artistic skill and expression.”

During the art showcase, the teachers in the visual arts department awarded outstanding artists in the CCHS student body with a position in the National Arts Honor Society, a group that recognizes excellence of artistic disciplines.

“Art expresses the essence or soul of a person and reveals something about humanity,” National Art Honor Society member Jessica Baldwin ‘18 said. “It is important to showcase student art because it is meant for others to see, read or hear.”

The visual arts showcase was followed by a performance from the CCHS choir and orchestra, which played a mixture of religious, cinematic, and theater songs. Student-led band Curbside Service also was  highlighted for a solo performance of an original song.

At the end of the night, director of music Ms. Jessica Swift and instructional music assistant Mr. Andy Ingersoll honored the senior band members with a heartfelt speech and a certificate of musical achievement.

“Art and music are universal,” CCHS band member Kristen Logemann ‘20 said. “Anyone can resonate with their message and I feel like that’s what happened tonight.”