Spanish for life

Mercy Sosa, Social Media Editor

Thirty-one Cathedral Catholic High School students were named members of the Spanish Honor Society

during lunch yesterday in the Dr. Richard Kelly garden, where inductees expressed their

commitment to continue studying the Spanish language and the Hispanic culture.


“It is a promise for life that these students made to keep the Spanish language alive through the

history and grammar,” CCHS Spanish teacher Ms. Natalia Navas said. “It is important to have an

interest in other cultures, and the honor society presents an opportunity for students to learn

more about them.”


Students who have become members must complete four hours of service by tutoring other

CCHS students to improve their Spanish and to provide guidance. Members also promote

the Hispanic culture to fellow classmates as a way to spread awareness.


“Let’s bring more of the Spanish culture to CCHS,” Ms. Navas said.