Stand and deliver

Cole Hume, Managing Editor

Cathedral Catholic High School sent 25 students yesterday to compete against 30 other local high schools at the San Diego County High School Mock Trial Competition at the San Diego County Courthouse.

“This competition will be the only one we will compete in, and it’s crucial to making it to state,” team member Ashley Kleszewski ‘20 said. “We’ve been preparing for several months, and it’s pivotal that we do well if we want a chance at advancing.”

Winners from the local competitions advance to state, which is the goal of this year’s Dons team.

“The competition is intense,” history teacher and mock trial coach Mr. Daniel Collins said. “We set the goal of a top ten finish in the beginning of the season, but ultimately we hope that everyone remembers their roles and does their job.”

For a mock trial competition, a single fictional court case is assigned every year to schools across the nation to serve as the basis for the event. Then, the schools compete locally in a realistic judicial setting.
According to Mr. Collins, the court case this year revolves around a protest gone wrong, where opposing protesters became violent, resulting in the death of one of the participants.

The mock trial completion will continue next week.