Danielle Corrao

A small can with a huge impact… DirtFood, created by Nikki Blunt, is a medicinal spice that is immune boosting. This spice helped control a disease in one of our CCHS students and helps people all over the U.S.

When I was in 6th grade, I woke up one morning with a piercing headache and bloodshot eyes. I thought I must’ve just scratched my eye in my sleep. Days passed and the headaches could not be cured by Advil, but the red eyes were slowly going away. An odd week for me, but I went on with my life not thinking much of it, until a month later, the same thing happened. It happened the month after that and the month after that. Something was wrong with me that I could not figure out on my own. I went to endless doctors appointments at endless hospitals and no one could figure out what was wrong with me. Until in 7th grade, I was diagnosed with Episcleritis— a disease that was incurable, but able to be controlled. I was devastated. I was possibly going to have to live the rest of my life dealing with migraines and blood shot eyes. At school dances, picture days, my wedding, etc, my red eyes would be the main focus when you looked at my face.

From 7th-9th grade I was on many different medications and eye drops, until I found one that worked. One that made my episodes shorter than usual and made the migraines less imperative. But I was still dealing with this disease. Until the summer going into my senior year, when my mom bought DirtFood. My mom came rushing into the house with excitement in her eyes because she spent $35 on spices. I looked at her like she was crazy but since she’s my mother, I told her I would try this “dirt food.”

Through research, I found out DirtFood is a company that sells “good for you food.” They sell plant based therapeutic snacks, gear, a skin care line that contains healing superfoods for your skin, and their most popular product, Dirt Spice. Dirt Spice is a miracle spice, “containing the most bioavailable naturally sourced immune-boosting, superfoods and minerals. Great in coffee and tea as it deliciously turns it from ACIDIC to ALKALINE with 135 mg Magnesium per serving while naturally boosting antioxidant and anti-inflammatory performance.”

It became routine for me to mix a teaspoon of the spice with water and drink it in the morning. Within four months of continuously taking Dirt Spice, I recognized a change in my Episcleritis. I stopped having headaches, red eyes, my skin was clear, and I felt overall, healthier. Did DirtFood heal me? To test my theory, I stopped taking the extreme medication that I had been on for years. Shockingly, I haven’t had an episode since. For 6 years I was searching for an answer to my health issues and the answer was in medicinal spices.

The woman who started Dirt Food, Nikki Blunt, used the spice to cure her cancer. In 2012 she was diagnosed with cancer. She tried everything the doctor prescribed for her but she was done with cancer treatments. She wanted a healthy alternative that would drop her white cell count and would alkalinize the acidity she was consuming, so she created DirtFood. She put all her faith into the Dirt Spice and it worked!

She also created it for her mother. Before taking the Dirt Spice, her mother was suffering with Arthritis. The Arthritis got so bad she stopped wanting to go outside. A year later she was taking Dirt Spice twice a day and going rock climbing.

There are many other inspiring stories of people whose lives changed after finding DirtFood. Not only does DirtFood heal you, it also helps with digestive problems, skin problems, and overall health. ElCid encourages you to try to include Dirt Spice into your diet and check out their other products online at https://eatdirtfood.com/.