Ms. Brandeberry encourages students to “try their best to find success”


Sydney Calhoun , Staff Writer

The Cathedral Catholic Dons family welcomes new teacher, Ms. Brandeberry, to the 2015-2016 school year with open hearts and minds. Prior to joining CCHS, Ms. Brandeberry taught visual arts at Dailard Elementary. She teaches art with an emphasis in digital photography and foundations.

Born and raised in Ohio, Ms. Brandeberry spent her childhood near the mighty Ohio River. Growing up, she began to foster a passion for the transcendent perspectives of visual artistry. As a high school student, she attended Gallia Academy, a school that inspired her as an artist and educator. “One memorable experience [in high school] was when my art teacher asked me to teach the daily ceramics class in order to gain experience,” Ms. Brandeberry said.

As a young adult in college, Ms. Brandeberry attended Ohio State University, earning her BA in Art Education and an MA in Applied Arts. After obtaining her degrees, Ms. Brandeberry explored other avenues as well, but ultimately, her love of education prevailed. “I went back and forth between careers for a while but, deep down I always knew I wanted to become a teacher,” she said.

Convinced that she will be teaching art for the rest of her career, Ms. Brandeberry is excited to help students develop a passion in art like she did herself. “I love the community aspect. I feel like I am where I belong,” Ms. Brandeberry said. Moreover, she has befriended a new fellow instructor, Ms. Packer, which has made her transition even more affirming.

Ms. Brandeberry’s message to CCHS students is clear. Art might not be everyone’s favorite subject, but students should “try their best to find success.” Stop by Assisi Hall 212 and say hello to one of our newest Dons.