A husband’s Wheel of Fortune luck proves “life changing” for Mrs. Martin


Sarah Lackey , Staff Writer

Our very own Mrs. Martin is married to a grand prize winner from Wheel of Fortune. Mrs. Martin has never considered herself to be particularly lucky having never won anything herself. The same cannot be said regarding her husband, Mr. Martin. Mr. Martin apparently is a very lucky fellow and when he appeared on Wheel of Fortune last fall, he walked away with a trip to Jamaica and the grand prize cash for the round.

Mrs. Martin was unable to accompany her husband to the taping of the Wheel of Fortune show. “I had to work so he took a friend along to cheer him on,” she said.

When he finished the episode, she was under the impression that he had won a trip for two to Jamaica. She was very excited about the trip. “I thought it was cool that we were going to Jamaica.” Apparently, Mr. Martin is not only lucky, but he is stealthy guy who can really keep a secret.

After winning the grand prize, he decided to keep the big winnings a secret. Mr. Martin did not manage to keep his winnings a secret for a day or two, he kept his grand prize win a secret for months. Although the episode of the show was taped in July of last summer, it did not air until November. He managed to surprise his wife about the big win until they watched the airing of the Wheel of Fortune show at a viewing party held at the school where he teaches. When Mrs. Martin learned of his big win, she was thrilled.

She was especially happy because it meant they could “now manage to pay off their student loans,” she said.

While Mrs. Martin may have been surprised to learn about the huge cash prize her husband had won, it really did not shock her that he pulled through the challenge with the winning answer. Having been on two shows in the past year, she said she considers “him to be incredibly lucky or blessed about winning.”

According to Mrs. Martin her husband also possesses “exceptional analytical and problem solving skills,” she said. He uses those skills to teach math and he always tells his students never to give up when they are taking a test. He believes “it is important to try to the very end,” said Mrs. Martin.

It appears Mr. Martin practices what he preaches. When the final question was posed on Wheel of Fortune, Mr. Miller drew a blank. With only a couple of letters on the board and incorrect guesses regarding possible consonants and vowels, he was simply at a loss. Just moments before the final buzzer sounded, he managed to correctly shout “Forever Young.”

Although the question was daunting, with so little clues available, Mr. Miller refused to give up and in the end he won the final round. Winning the money has been “life changing” for the Martins. While Mrs. Martin herself has not been the winner of any prizes in the past, she now “wins all kinds of stuff” because she has the good fortune to be married to a very lucky guy.