Fashion trends find their way onto campus

Fashion trends find their way onto campus

Lauren Hughes, Staff Writer

At a school where uniforms are mandatory, restriction of self-expression doesn’t have to be. While the dress code does explicitly list rules for accessorizing with your uniform, popular fashion trends still seem to find a way to appear on campus. Jewelry, scarves, and shoes are all fashion regions where the newest and hottest styles help make students’ uniforms unique.

The handbook states, “Students may not wear excessive, or unusually placed, pieces of jewelry such as tongue rings/studs, nose rings/studs and other body piercings. No wallet chains, chains of any kind, spikes, etc., are allowed on campus. Girls may not wear more than three earrings per ear and two rings per hand” (2013-2014 Handbook pg. 121). While these rules are strictly enforced, there are still fashionable ways to accessorize your uniform.

Recently on campus, these affordable fashion trends have been emerging as popular forms of self expression.

Stud earrings always are simple, yet elegant and can really complete an outfit. These just $9.00 from Francesca’ and they really reflect the faith associated with our campus.


A fashionable watch is an essential and practical piece for any wardrobe. This one is from for just $20.


Pearl earrings are classic, simple, yet decadent. These are from H & M less than $3.


Charm bracelets began as a fashion trend on the East Coast and are becoming more and more popular on the West Coast. This Alex and Ani bracelet is a perfect example of this trend. Each bracelet has a valuable meaning, like core values and beliefs. These bracelets available at Nordstrom and Bloomingdales for around $25.


Scarves can really complete any outfit. Animal prints are always a complementary element to any outfit, adding variety to any neutral toned outfit. This scarf is from Nordstrom for just $18.


During rainy days students are able to take advantage of more leniency with the dress code as stated in the handbook, “On rainy days only, students may wear water-resistant raincoats and galoshes.” (2013-2014 Handbook pg. 121).

Popular trends on campus are not only fashionable but functional as rainy weather definitely challenges our San Diegian weather tolerance.

Popular on Cathedral campus, rain boots help provide stability on slippery surfaces. These are from Target for just $25.

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Fashion is still possible and affordable in combination with a dress code and uniform, especially as exemplified at Cathedral.