Local band “The Snykes” disband, move on to future plans

Joe Baini, Staff Writer

Imagine blaring speakers, flashing lights, thumping bass of the music, and sweaty concert-goers moshing and moving to the beat of the rock music. This is the atmosphere one encounters when attending a show for the San Diego-based rock band The Snykes.

However, the curtain has drawn for this popular local band.

The Snykes performed its last concert at SOMA San Diego on April 1 at 6:30 p.m. since two band members are leaving soon for college.

“These shows are some of the craziest events that I have ever been to,” Cathedral Catholic High School student Lawrence Kattoula ’16 said. “If you don’t believe me, show up to the show. Then, go to sleep that night and wake up to see how good you feel.

“The band can influence musicians and just people in general in such a way.”

The San Diego music scene will loose a young band with a lot of talent. From rock to jazz, the San Diego music scene has it all. However, the Snykes’ split will leave a void in the young and vibrant scene.

“It [stinks] to see The Snykes sink,” Kattoula said.

The Snykes is comprised of CCHS student Chris Olson ’16, who plays the bass, CCHS graduate and current student at Santa Clara University Patrick Collins ‘15, who plays the guitar and sings, and Francis Parker High School student Austin Arthur ’16, who plays drums.

“The atmosphere is very different from any other show you’ve been to,” CCHS student Cassidy Wurtz 17′ said. “Everyone is there for the music. People are being carried over the mosh pit, stage diving, and dancing on stage to crowd dive. The adrenaline in [the music venue] is insane.

“Everyone is really into the music and it’s so energizing. I love their concerts.”

The band formed in 2015 when Arthur and Collins played a show together at a local shop, and Olson really liked the music they created. Eventually, the pair of aspiring musicians searched for a bass player, eventually deciding Olson was the perfect person to join the band.

Soon after its genesis, the band started playing before big crowds at SOMA. The energy at its concerts kept the band motivated to make more music. The Snykes post its music tracks on Spotify, Soundcloud and iTunes.

However, the recent SOMA event was the band’s last concert, as its members will not be able to perform together as Olson and Arthur soon will head off to college, where they plan to study music.

“It’s sad that our band is breaking up,” Olson said. “However, I know that we will always remember each other. I know we are going to continue our music careers no matter what.”