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Printers returning to USDHS Library

Photo by Lauryn Sanchez

The printer is located in the front corner of the library behind the flag.

Lauryn Sanchez, Staff Writer

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After several months of student requests, Cathedral Catholic High School plans to reinstate the USDHS Library printer.

“We decided to bring it back because students need to print papers for classes and taking away that option was kind of silly,” Mr. Dustin Nies, director of technology, said.

The printer will be student accessible, as librarian assistance will no longer be required to print. Students will be able to access a website in which they may load a credit card, the only accepted payment, and purchase printer credit.

The printing process will cost ten cents per page. Students may obtain credit in $1, $5 or $10 increments, which provide 10, 50 or 100 pages worth of credit. The website has not been created yet, but is scheduled to launch soon.

“There was such a high demand [for printers] last semester,” librarian Steffani Falo said. “What do you do if a student doesn’t have a printer?”

The library had its printers removed last school year due to high paper and ink costs. Desperate students were left to beg their teachers to print documents for them. Now a year later, students celebrate as the administration has acknowledged and answered student complaints.

“I think it’s a dream come true,” Isabella Willyard ‘17 said. “It would be amazing and such an advantage to have the printer back.”

Students can expect email notifications providing a link to the website and further instructions on how to use the printers and the new printing program.

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The School Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School
Printers returning to USDHS Library