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Freshmen ASB officers plan events to benefit class of 2015

Tim and Scott Melbourne, ASB freshmen vice president and president

Nicole Lobo, Staff Writer

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Eye-catching posters, promising speeches, elaborate campaigns: these were the sights of Cathedral’s class of 2015 officer elections that commenced just three and a half months ago. We all know the student leaders elected to represent the freshmen class, but the question remains- what are they doing now?

According to freshmen ASB supervisor Mr. Chad Colden, the four elected officers meet weekly to plan and conduct events that will benefit the class of 2015.

ON Saturday, January 21, treasurer Paige Kelly, secretary Marika Vigo, and Tim and Scott Melbourne, vice president and president, organized the second freshman dance of the year.

Though the officers agree that a lot of hard work went in to the dance, not all of them were so enthusiastic about the dance’s outcome.  The dance, characterized by music, Mexican food, and a lower than expected turnout, was met with mixed feedback from the freshmen students.

“It was not what I hoped. I wished we could have made everyone happy,” said Tim Melbourne, the freshman class president.

Though details are still being finalized, ASB officers also have events planned for freshmen in the upcoming months.

“Right now, we’re planning on having a get-together for freshmen and sophomores sometime in March. The event will most likely either be a talent contest or a movie night, where the classes of 2014 and 2015 can interact and have a good time,” said Mr. Colden.

According to Paige Kelly, freshmen class treasurer, students should also expect lunchtime activities (similar to those from the beginning of the school year) in the upcoming weeks.

“We want to plan some lunchtime events that will be fun for students to engage in with their peers. Also, we are trying to put something together that will showcase the freshmen cheerleaders and dancers,” she said.

Though many enjoy the events put on by ASB, not everyone is aware of the amount of work that goes into organizing them. “ASB is really fun in general, but not exactly what I expected. I thought it was going to be a breeze, but in reality it takes up a lot of your time and requires a lot of dedication,” said Scott Melbourne, freshmen class vice president.

For those looking to join the ASB family, campaigning and elections are right around the corner. Mr. Colden says that ASB is perfect for anyone looking to make a difference in the school.

He said, “If you have good ideas and like to put them in to effect while collaborating with others and positively impacting CCHS, definitely run for office.”

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Freshmen ASB officers plan events to benefit class of 2015