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Christmas in the sand

Who needs snow when San Diegans can skate by the sea?

Kelsey Bacinett, Editor-in-Chief

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When Dec. 25 rolls around, San Diegans will not be found barricaded inside their homes by mountains of snow. Instead, many residents will flock to the beach and enjoy Christmas in the sand.  

A Southern California Christmas is most often filled with sunshine and plenty of decorations to compensate for the white Christmas it never receives, but holiday spirit fills the air nonetheless.

“I get to see the beach outside my house everyday, and as someone who doesn’t like cold weather, I love celebrating Christmas here because the beach definitely beats the snow,” Cathedral Catholic High School student Blake Lagerson ‘17 said.

According to geographer Matthew Hartzel, five percent of the US population, which is more than 15 million residents, have never seen the snow. While San Diego County mountains get a dusting of snow each year, most San Diegans will never see snow unless they take a road trip farther up the state.

The absence of snow in San Diego does not mean that San Diegans cannot fully experience the holiday season; in fact, San Diego’s unique holiday experiences garner traditions just as rich as colder states’ white Christmases.

“Because of the weather we have the opportunity to do anything on Christmas Day,” CCHS student Calvin Raab ‘17 said. “You can always go see the snow in Big Bear or somewhere else, but living in San Diego means you can enjoy Christmas in any way you want.

“I think it’s pretty unique that you can go to the beach on Christmas living here.”

Living in America’s Finest City brings one of a kind holiday experiences impossible to participate in on the chilly East Coast or in America’s various other snowy states. From ice skating by the sea at the Hotel Del Coronado to parades of lights in the San Diego Bay, a Southern California Christmas entails plenty of cheer from every angle.

Though in the end, Christmas has less to do with weather and everything to do with gratitude and celebrating with friends and family in the spirit of the season.

Whether it’s decorating gingerbread men, hearing silver bells jingle in the air, or smelling the fresh scent of a Christmas tree, the winter season is abundant in festivities and traditions extending beyond the stereotypical winter weather everyone hears about in classic Christmas songs.

According to CNN, 26.3 million Americans CNN purchased a real tree in 2014, and reported that 88 percent of Americans put up a tree for the holidays. Taking time to relish in the season’s traditions, such as decorating the family Christmas tree, brings joy into the season each year because it brings back warm, fuzzy feelings of home and fond memories.

Snow or no snow, the presence of San Diego’s Christmas spirit is not up for debate with the unique opportunities for celebrating and the abundance of cheer.


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Christmas in the sand