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Mr. Tubbs hopes to inform students In a new way

Lauren Bendixen, Staff Writer

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As I walk into Mr. Robert Tubbs’s office, the first thing I notice is the pile of papers on his desk. It looks like the desk of a typical high school history teacher, yet I remember as I take my seat across from Mr. Tubbs that we are in the Dean’s office.

World history teacher and Dean of students are only two of the many roles Mr. Tubbs takes on around the Cathedral Campus, and upon sitting down to interview him about his online blog, I find how easy it is to talk to him.

“The online blog was sort of born out of my meetings with the Senior Government classes,” he said. “Mr. Baier would invite me in to the class to talk to the students about their rights in relation to the rights in the Constitution.”

As he goes on, Mr. Tubbs continues to discuss the enjoyment he got out of talking the Government classes, and how he realized just how little some students really know about the policies of the student hand book and about certain things that maybe are not addressed in the handbook.

“It was my hope that by writing a blog about things going on around school – whether it be the drug dog, or dress code, or dance guidelines, or whatever it may be – that by writing it online and posting it to the Cathedral web page, the information would be out there and much more accessible because it is in the electronic format.

Another reason for the blog, Mr. Tubbs explains, is for the iPads and going one-to-one next year. If there is any information he thinks the students need to know then and there, it will be much easier for the student body as a whole to access the information through the iPads than it would be if they were trying to listen to him over the speaker in a loud and crowded hallway or a busy classroom.

The blog as a whole is a very up-to-date and informative way for the students to receive information about things they may not fully understand, and it is a great way for them to get accurate information about things going on around school.

If you have any questions for Mr. Tubbs you can e-mail him at [email protected], and your question may be answered on his blog which can be read at

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The School Newspaper of Cathedral Catholic High School
Mr. Tubbs hopes to inform students In a new way