Homecoming hype

October 9, 2019


Photo by Alex Woodmansee

Scotty Prunty ‘20 (left) of los locos leads the chants with the crowd during the final minutes of the homecoming football game on Friday.

A combined effort from Cathedral Catholic High School’s Associated Student Body, the student section Los Locos, the cheer team, the dance team, and the varsity football team put on a spectacle all day Friday in preparation for the CCHS homecoming dance on Saturday.

The day started with a rally in the morning, where students were organized by class to sit in assigned parts of the gymnasium where they would take part in chants, games, and watch highlight videos of various fall sports teams from their season.

Homecoming rally


Photo by Alex Woodmansee

Dean of Students Mr. Michael Wallace addressed the students at the beginning about rally behavior.

Dean of Students Mr. Michael Wallace informed the students that although rallies can be a fun and engaging environment to show their school spirit with other CCHS students, they need to remember that they are there to support their athletics program and to not be overly rambunctious during the presentations.

Dance team


Photo by Alex Woodmansee

The CCHS dance team performed a glow-in-the-dark show for the school, a performance that kicked off the fall rally last October.

The varsity dance team performed dressed in neon to align with the homecoming theme “Out of This World.” The dance team kicked off the events of the rally with its energy and excitement.

Cheer team


Photo by Alex Woodmansee

Kelley Hallinan (top) performs a routine with the rest of the cheer squad along with the rest of the cheer team, showcasing their talent through various stunts and dances.

The varsity cheer team performed next, executing a well-practiced routine designed specifically for the rally.

Afterward, each fall sports team’s highlight video was played, and the fall sports captains from each team received a 30-second window where the ASB broadcasted each team’s win-loss record to the gymnasium. Some teams planned out the 30 seconds, while other teams improvised.

Fall sports teams


Photo by Alex Woodmansee

Cameron Nash ‘20, Nate Nash ‘20, and Jackson Reed ‘20 (left to right) run out during the short showcase for the boys sand volleyball team showcase during October’s fall sports rally with their t-shirt turned rally towels in hand.

Brothers Cameron Nash ‘20  and Nate Nash ‘20 from the boys sand volleyball team were one of the teams who didn’t plan a 30-second skit. They used their team shirts as rally towels and ran over to the senior section with a volleyball and their shirts.

“My brother [Nate Nash] and I just passed the ball to each other for a bit and then launched it as high as we could into the stands,” Cameron Nash said. “Nate ended up hitting the basketball hoop on the ceiling so it didn’t work as planned but it was funnier that way. We were impressed by the energy, and I think it was a success.”

Homecoming game


Photo by Alex Woodmansee

CCHS alumna Mrs. Kayla Tucker ‘10 sings the American National Anthem before the football game while American Sign Language Honor society members Michelle Welsh ‘20, Kate Foster ‘20, and Emma McIntosh ’21 sign the national anthem.

For this first time this school year, the American Sign Language Honor Society stood on the football field and signed the national anthem before the game. ASLHS will also sign the national anthem during the Holy Bowl next Friday.

Football and Los Locos


Zavien Watson ‘20 (left) and DJ Ralph ‘20 (right) celebrates after scoring the Don’s first touchdown

CCHS varsity football defeated Point Loma High School 50-14 at home on Homecoming night.

“We try to chant consistently throughout the games to keep people involved,” Los Locos co-leader Scotty Prunty ‘20 said. “We’ve thrown things in the crowd as well including waters, rally towels, and t-shirts. The music we play gets us hype and we try to play it at the right times. The other Los Locos leaders have done a fantastic job with all of that.”

Cheer returns


Photo by Alex Woodmansee

Cheer captain Sam Smith leads the cheer squad in rallying the student section during the game.

“I think that we influence the atmosphere of the game by keeping our attitudes positive and constantly supporting the energy of the parents, students, and ASB,” Sam Smith ’20 said. “I think the rest of the stadium gets influenced by that.”

Coach Doyle


Photo by Alex Woodmansee

Varsity football head coach Mr. Sean Doyle passionately discusses a previous call made by the game officials during the second quarter in hopes of convincing them to reverse the call.

After his 200th career win, head coach Mr. Sean Doyle is still hungry for more. He coached his players to victory on homecoming night, adding to the exciting atmosphere at Manchester Stadium.

Homecoming king and queen


Photo by Alex Woodmansee

Homecoming king Adam Leclair ‘20 and Olivia Schleicher ‘20 (left, right) pose for a photo in front of the CCHS student section Los Locos moments after its team won the football game.

During halftime, ASB announced the 2019 homecoming court and crowned Adam LeClair ’20 as king and Olivia Schleicher ’20 as queen.

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