Technology issues solved

Matthew Rowland , Assistant Features Editor

The new technology bar recently implemented in the Cathedral Catholic High School Academic Center aims to provide in-person technical support to students in order to solve common iPad issues.

“I always have problems with my iPad during class, and I don’t want to miss class or lunch to visit the tech department,” CCHS student Aiden Gloyd ‘20 said. “Also, being able to go to the tech bar in the Academic Center before or after school matches my schedule a lot better.”

Working alongside the Genius Squad, which was reinstated this year, the new technology bar gives students the opportunity to come in during lunch, break, and before or after school to receive assistance from fellow students and technology assistant Mrs. Maegan Elliott.

“I never knew when the tech department would be available to help me,” Gloyd said. “Now, I know I can go in anytime the Academic Center is open, so I don’t have to worry about asking around or trying to open a locked door.”