El Cid

Cole Hume
As the new El Cid managing editor, I look forward to carrying on the journalistic tradition of great
reporting and story telling found in the Cathedral Catholic High School student-run newspaper. I
hope to improve my individual reporting and writing skills while working closely with my peers to
help this paper reach its full potential. Journalists’ influence in modern society intrigues me and
stimulates my interest in writing stories to inspire and to inform. I enjoy writing tremendously and
have interest in possibly pursuing a career in the industry with the ultimate goal of becoming a
sports or political analyst. As a writer, eager to get published and confident in my abilities to
contribute to a paper, I feel like El Cid is the perfect place to make a mark and to build a
résúme. My schedule outside of school majorly consists of watching and playing sports,
especially basketball and football. I am elated to write for this publication and prepared to match
the extraordinary people at CCHS with an equally exceptional newspaper about them.

Cole Hume, Managing Editor

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