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Cat Groenke
To be honest, I never harbored any intention of being a journalist. My dream always has been to write fictional novels. Writing stories that are not real jives better with my personality than writing about news events, and I never really questioned that until I started reading historical fiction. Suddenly, the major gap in my writing ability seemed much larger than before my experience as a journalist. How could I incorporate real events into my stories if I could not write about those events at even the most basic level of reporting? Research papers for various history classes helped my structure, but I still felt my strength in that area trailed immensely behind my strength in fiction. Thus, my decision to enroll in journalism. While I may not have long-term goals and aspirations in the field of journalism, I am still excited to throw myself into the newsroom process as the copy editor as I learn more about this kind of writing. In addition to dreaming about becoming a novelist and writing short stories, I enjoy reading thick novels, drawing, and running on Cathedral Catholic High School's track team. In addition to these activities, I enjoy fawning over the nearest dog or planning next year’s Halloween costume. I maintain high expectations for my senior year of high school, and I am confident it will be one for the books.

Cat Groenke, Copy Editor

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