America’s Energy Bills Going Up


Due to the Ukraine/Russia war, U.S energy bills will increase significantly this winter. Luckily, there is a solution set in place for low income families!

Inflation. I’m sure you have heard this word being repeated constantly be adults. However, what does this mean for our society, not just today, but in the future? Inflation can be simply defined as a rise in prices, this winter we can expect inflation to be found in America’s energy bills.

This winter, heating costs in the U.S are expected to increase a remarkable 17%! This cost increase will be the most that these energy bills have cost in the past decade. With prices increasing to about $200 per household, scientists can help but wonder what is the cause for this increase?

Researchers estimate that natural gas supply is still limited ever since the start of the war between Russia/Ukraine. The good news is that the “National Energy Assistance Directors Association” has kindly agreed to assist low income families by providing federal-energy grants.

Overall, we do not truly know how long this lasting impact of the war will take to disappear. For now, Americans must prepare for their energy bill increase due to the shortage of natural gas. Other countries, such as Europe, are also going to experience this increase. Researchers estimate a 200% increase ready to impact Europe! Don’t be surprised when you see your energy bill increase this winter!